1. Can I trust MVP Phuket?

We go to great lengths to make sure you are in safe hands, and that your money is secure – every step of the way

We have the following security measures in place for guests:

Withholding payment: We collect partial payment in advance and hold onto it until two days after you’re scheduled to check in. This means your host won’t get paid until you’ve arrived at the property and verified that everything is good and proper.

Our review system: Guests are asked to review properties at the end of their stay. Only those who booked the property through MVP Phuket can create these reviews, ensuring they are fair and trustworthy.

Our customer service: Because of our dedicated team of holiday rental experts, MVP Phuket has some of the highest satisfaction ratings in the travel industry. Our multi-lingual teams are ready to assist you through every stage of your Phuket experience, from pre-booking until you’ve said goodbye to your holiday destination. By phone or email, our team is totally devoted to delivering outstanding service.

2. What payment methods do you offer?

MVP Phuket accepts payments from most major credit and debit cards via PayPal. PayPal payments need to be completed online, using our secure payment system.

Payment by bank transfers is also available if you as a guest request it from our support team.

According to your preferences and depending on the hosts’ cancellation policy we are able to offer you a split payment option. This allows you to pay a minimum of 20% down payment which secures the reservation in your name, while the remaining amount will be paid on your check in date.