If you would like to be an agent, then please fill out our contact form. Before you decide to fill out the form, please read the following and understand it.

MVP PHUKET operates one office with fulltime staff on salary plus commission, and also engages the services of freelance agents based all over the Phuket region who work on a commission-only basis. Agents who work on a no-salary, commission-only basis receive larger commissions.

MVP PHUKET is in the business of finding properties for rent and for sale and for matchmaking renters/buyers to the optimal properties/owners for their life in Phuket. MVP PHUKET makes its money by commissions given by the owners or co-agents.

The commissions are split into four parts:

  1. Survey agent – finds the houses and condos for rent or for sale
  2. Marketing agent – finds the customer by contacts, referrals, or internet
  3. Showing agent – shows the customer around by driving them to many properties and giving guidance
  4. Closing agent – negotiates lease, provides after sales support

One person can perform many of these roles, and usually does, for example, a Survey Agent and also be a Showing Agent. The commission is split accordingly and fairly, the more agent roles a person performs, the larger the percentage of commission that person gets.

An “agent” can be either a person or an agency. We co-agent with companies, too.

The property stock of MVP PHUKET is a combination of what our employees survey ourselves and what co-agents provide.

The Survey Agent is the person (or other entity) who finds the property, contacts the owner (or agent of the owner), obtains information and any photos of the property, and submits this information into our database. The Survey Agent may keep secret the name and contact information of the owner. The Survey Agent may, but is not required to, show the property to customers. Otherwise, the Survey Agent must cooperate with the Showing Agent, as is usually the case once a trusting relationship is established. The Survey Agent is paid commission by the company only if the property is rented or sold by MVP PHUKET and only if MVP PHUKET receives its commission from the landlord/owner.

In general, entire apartment and condominium buildings are excepted from the Survey Agent commission arrangement, a Survey Agent cannot just claim all units in any entire building. Exceptions will be considered in special cases for entire apartment and condominium buildings for some Survey Agents who really take maximum responsibility for the buildings or who otherwise have a special relationship.

The Marketing Agent is expected to find customers, find out about their needs and preferences, and summarize these for the other agents. MVP PHUKET has many ways for getting customers, but some of these are from co-agents. We screen for serious leads before we let a Showing Agent spend time and money showing a customer around.

The Showing Agent is the person who goes out with customers to show properties for rent and/or for sale, normally by driving them. The Showing Agent is chosen by their familiarity of the regions of interest to the customer. (Many Survey Agents are also Showing Agents, but the company will also line up extra properties which are not the Survey Agent’s own properties.) The Showing Agent is paid commission only if the customer takes a property they show, and only if MVP PHUKET receives its commission.

The Closing Agent is important. There is no commission possible unless an agreement is negotiated between the customer and landlord, in written detail, signed and paid for. Often, two or three agents work together as Closing Agents and split accordingly. After sales support is included in closing, which includes making sure the landlord prepares the property for move-in, setup of internet and TV, any problems the customer has after moving in, and issues thru the time the customer moves out, the property is checked out, and the Security Deposit is settled. All this is handled by the Closing Agent(s), and part of the received commission is allocated accordingly. (It is usually apparent who the closing agent should be, between Marketing, Showing, and/or Survey Agent.)

Employees and co-agents of MVP PHUKET are expected to understand the 4 areas of agent responsibilities, and to appreciate the quality and quantity of work expected of each role, regardless of what role(s) they each play, so that commissions are split fairly and our team operations are harmonious.

If you have any questions, please ask.